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Designing and creating fine jewellery has been Enikő’s passion for over a decade. Under the influence and tutelage of her mother, Hungarian Master goldsmith Éva Nagy Kállay, Enikő has acquired hands-on goldsmithing techniques.


Enikő was introduced to the artistic world at an early age when she could barely reach the keys of a grand piano. Attending music school she played the violin and studied classical music for the first good part of her life. Fleeing Eastern European political hardships and emigrating to Canada with her family, as an eleven year old, Enikő has gained life experiences that molded and formed her into the determined and gracious character she is today.


Intrigued by witnessing her mother creating jewellery in such interesting ways, Enikő became curious and decided to observe and study the methods Éva used from the ancient times of goldsmithing. Soon after, Enikő’s imagination started forming and she became eager to try out her own hands at it. From there on she fell in love with the art.


In the year 2000, Enikő had the opportunity to purchase a jewellery and gift boutique which she accomplished by operating for twelve successful years. Currently married and raising two absolutely amazing boys, Enikő intends on engaging the online world and seek out designer boutiques and galleries where Enikő Kállay Fine Jewellery has the opportunity to continue to prosper and flourish as a brand.